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Improving Oral Healthcare with AI for your Dental Practice, DSOs and Hospitals.
Dentist's Assist App

A solution for leveraging Artificial Intelligence in Dentistry.

We're empowering every Dentist!

AI upgrade for your practice!

Get started with Artificial Intelligence with added features of a Patient management software.

AI trained under dentist's supervision

Our experienced team of dentists have supervised AI training and provided it the understanding required to identify issues from radiographs and mouth images.

20,000+ images studied and analyzed already by our AI

The best AI requires the best data and we have trained our models on more than 20,000+ images already and it's still rising.

AI provides a second opinion from the same practice

AI helps patients understand the issue more in depth and makes them comfortable accepting the treatment suggested by you.

Your patient data remains private and safe

Images of your patients are not stored on our side and not used in retraining our models unless we get permission from you to do so anonymously.


Muskan's Dentist Assist App

AI powered Radiography for your patients

Upload dental x-rays and let our models do the job of identifying common detections and issues while also color coding the detections.

muskan webapp
Dentist's Assist App

Adjust Image parameters for better insights

Use image editing options to adjust various parameters of the image such as contrast, transparency, etc. to get a better understanding and ensure patients understand the issues well.

Add detections that our model missed

In a few scenarios, if the AI misses a detection, then you can manually mark it up within seconds.

Dentist's Assist App
Dentist's Assist App

Get detailed insights into your operations on the Dashboard

On the Dashboard, understand your practice's operations in details. Stay aware of the important details such patient's appointments or procedures in your practice.

Manage patient data in a breeze

On top of the AI features, Muskan's Dentist Assist App, is another alternative for PMS for dentistry.

Dentist's Assist App
Dentist's Assist App

Tele-dentistry enabled

Communicate with your patients through the Muskan ecosystem to keep your conversations in one official place. You can do a normal call, a video call, or text your patients all through the Muskan ecosystem.

HIPAA compliance

Our platform ensures complete data privacy and security for patients as well as dentists. No data is reused for training purposes, unless the client requests that to happen.

Dentist's Assist App
is using AI difficult?

It's really easy to use the AI for Radiographs.

Dentist's Assist App
Dentist's Assist App
Holistic ecosystem considering patients!

Your patients get their phone app!

With our integrated ecosystem, you can stay in sync with your patients and make them more educated and proactive about their dental health.

how will it benefit?

Advantages for patients as well dentists

Improved Patient understanding

The output generated by our AI model is color-coded for different issues, enabling patient to understand them easily.

Easier Treatment Acceptance

As patient understands their issues better, they are more likely to accept a treatment plan than to take any further consultations.

Issue of Diverse opinions is solved

As AI acts as an assistance, patients can take it as a second opinion other than what dentist had already suggested, giving more validity to a dentist's suggestions.

Patients become a part of the wider ecosystem too

For a patient using's mobile app, it becomes simple to connect with our partenered dentist who are already using

Faster and more accurate diagnosis

Our AI models helps you not miss out on certain issues in radiographs and assists in your diagnosis also.

Be a part of the wider ecosystem

Our integrated ecosystem, connect with patients on the go, build leads/prospects and plan out your schedules properly.

Stand out among your competition

Get an edge over your competition by integrating Artificial Intelligence into your practice and build a better brand image.

Patient Data Management becomes a breeze

With Practice management system, track and manage patient data, schedule appointments and even connect with the patients directly.
Let's look at the numbers

What happens when you start using AI?

25 %

Increase in Treatment Acceptance

18 %

Improvement in Insurance Claims & Billing

20 %

Improvement in Operational Efficiency

22 %

Uptick in Patient Confidence & Referrals

16 %

Increase in Perio & Restorative Treatments
Increased Revenue with AI

Get a Better Rate of Return!

Get started with Artificial Intelligence with added features of a PMS to increase patient satisfaction and efficiency in clinical operations.

where can AI help?

Our AI models are trained for:

Detectable directly by AI models

Apical | Lesion | Bridge | Bone Loss | Missing Teeth | Calculus | Caries Detection | Caries Depth | Restoration | Impacted Teeth | Proximity to Sinus

Detectable by AI Models with Specialist Supervision

Crown | Implant | Root Canal | Filling & Filling Types | Proximity to Mandibular Canal | Retained Root
where can AI help?

AI Applications in Dental Radiograph Analysis:

Dental Caries and Periodontal Disease Detection:

AI algorithms can identify and quantify dental caries (cavities) and assess the severity of periodontal disease by analyzing radiographs. This aids in early intervention, preventing further deterioration of oral health.

Tooth and Bone Abnormalities:

AI models can detect abnormalities such as impacted teeth, fractures, root resorption, or cysts in radiographs. This assists in accurate diagnosis and planning appropriate treatment strategies.

Orthodontic Assessment:

AI-based analysis helps orthodontists assess dental alignment, identify malocclusions, and plan orthodontic treatments more effectively. It aids in evaluating tooth movement progress and treatment outcomes over time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can AI help us? Why do I need to incorporate AI?

AI can help your dental practice by improving diagnostic accuracy, optimizing treatment planning, streamlining workflows, and enhancing the overall patient experience. Incorporating AI is essential to stay at the forefront of advancements, deliver superior care, and position your practice as a leader in the industry.

How do I get return on my investments with AI?

Investing in AI can yield significant returns for your dental practice. With increased efficiency, improved treatment outcomes, enhanced patient retention, and a competitive advantage, AI can drive growth, improve patient outcomes, and strengthen your practice’s position.

Is my patient data safe with AI technology?

Yes, patient data security is a top priority. Our AI platform is fully HIPAA compliant, ensuring the highest standards of data privacy and security. Robust encryption and access controls are implemented to safeguard patient information and maintain confidentiality.

How do I integrate AI into my existing dental practice?

Integrating AI into your existing dental practice is seamless. Our AI platform can easily integrate with your imaging systems, EHR/EMR, and practice management software, with guidance and support provided for a smooth transition and maximum benefits.

Will incorporating AI replace the need for human dentists?

No, incorporating AI does not replace the need for human dentists. AI serves as a valuable tool to assist dentists in making accurate diagnoses, creating personalized treatment plans, and optimizing operations. Human expertise and professional judgment remain essential in delivering comprehensive dental care tailored to each patient’s needs.

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