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Transform Patient care with Dental AI for Care Providers

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Supercharge Your Dental Practice
with State-of-the-Art Detection and Diagnosis Technology!

Introducing our AI-based dental issues detection model, that empowers Dental Clinics to conduct accurate and efficient diagnoses by leveraging cutting-edge artificial intelligence algorithms which analyzes dental images and identifies potential issues with high precision.


Current Problems with Traditional practice methods

52 %

Treatment Acceptance by Patients

28 %

Restorative treatments are undiagnosed

60 %

Periodontal Diseases undiagnosed

40 %

Misdiagnosis in depth of cavities

45 %

Missed periapical radiolucencies

Muskan.AI: Boosting Revenue & Efficiency

Want to know the additional revenue and operational effeciences you can gain by using

How Muskan helps Dentists?

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Accurate Diagnosis:

AI/ML models provide precise oral health issue detection and diagnosis

Personalized Treatment:

AI/ML algorithms offer tailored treatment recommendations based on individual data.

Improved Patient Experience:

AI/ML streamlines dental operations, reducing waiting times and enhancing convenience.

Enhanced Oral Health Education:

AI/ML provides personalized oral health recommendations and educational resources.

Remote Monitoring and Tele-dentistry:

AI/ML enables remote monitoring and virtual consultations.
How it works?

Here are the four easy steps to follow:


Dental Clinics can sign up with us.


Take patient's radiographs and add it to our app.


Let our app's AI process the images.


Receive results within minutes and give even effective diagnosis.
How do we leverage AI?

3 Ways To Tackle 3 Different Challenges Using AI


Oral Hygiene

Our product offering to solve dental hygiene and well being, helps individuals keep a good oral health conveniently from their smartphones. If the problem detected by our AI models is serious and needs immediate attention, then our app will help the user connect to one of our partnered dentist easily through the app itself.


Dental Radiograph Assessment

Radiographs, or X-rays, of teeth are generated by Dental clinics and require critical analysis to determine the right diagnosis. To assist dentists in this process, our AI-based Radiograph analysis models generate results on the concerned radiograph and gives the dentist a second voice of opinion.


Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is another effective use case that an AI model can understand after training on tons of images of mouths of cancer patients. We have built such a model that allows patients and doctors determine the signs of cancer from just the images of patient's mouth.

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why us?

With Muskan, expand your world of dentistry.

Our dental ecosystem is designed to help in every step of a patient journey.
Accurate Diagnosis

Highly accurate models that assesses Dental Radiographs instantly, trained by our dental experts.

Time-Saving Efficiency

Our ecosystem as a whole, allows saving time and cost for a practice.

Streamlined Operations

Optimize administration in your practice with our Practice management software features available with’s ecosystem

Improved Patient Outcomes

By providing dentists with valuable insights and clinical performance data, our software enables practices to achieve consistent outcomes and better patient treatment acceptance.

Pioneer the Shift Towards Precision, Efficiency, and Patient-Centric Dentistry

By merging AI models with traditional clinical approaches, dentists gain a powerful tool for enhanced diagnostics and well-informed decision-making. AI meticulously analyzes patient data, including dental images and records, pinpointing subtle abnormalities to provide valuable insights. This fusion not only optimizes diagnostic accuracy but also improves overall outcomes, fostering a new era of enhanced patient care. Dentists seamlessly blend AI expertise with clinical skills to deliver precise and personalized dental treatments.

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Artificial Intelligence can take your dental care to a next level!

Get started today.