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Incorporating Artificial Intelligence in dentistry is not only a logical step but also the future of the industry. As technology continues to advance, the use of AI will become more prevalent, and dentists who embrace it will be able to provide better, more efficient, and cost-effective care to their patients.

About us

We are born out of AI, all we do is AI, and we have our own End to End AI Platform – ANAI and Apture. We started Muskan to build a Human Centric AI ecosystem, a platform where Individuals, Patients, Doctors, NGO and Corporate can come together towards the wellness of society. Our platform leverages the most advanced technology and research across the world, offered at the best price point that is suitable for the large masses. When it comes to Oral Health and Hygiene, we want to touch and improve the life of billions of people around the world. And we can’t do anything without the support from our team of engineers, doctors, dentists, NGOs and patients.
Team Muskan

Our Team of Experts

Our team ranges from highly experienced Doctors and Dentists to well-trained Machine Learning Engineers.

Our Purpose

At Muskan, our mission is simple and bold, “Healthier Smiles and Lives” and “Reaching the Unreachable”. Improve lives of billions of peoples, by Serving the communities, societies and nations, Improving Oral Health and Hygiene as well as Supporting Doctors, Hospitals, NGO and Foundations.

India is 5th largest economy in the world, yet we have maximum number of oral cancer cases. We have largest number of dentists in the world (1 for 5000 individuals) yet 90% of people only visit Dentist as a last resort. It is a fact that timely identification and treatment of Oral diseases will help in addressing some of the pressing health issues like Oral cancer, diabetes, heart diseases and many more.

And that is what we are trying to achieve here with the use of latest technology such as artificial intelligence.

Crafted by Engineers.

Ideated by Dentists.

Inspired by Patients.

Partnership. Pilot. Research.

Our team's core focus to is partner with dentists from all over the world and ensure that our solution meets and solves their needs in a very convenient way. logo

Address: New Delhi, Delhi
Phone: +1 2403190457


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