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Say Hello to an AI-powered Dental Ecosystem

By opting out with, you get an holistic ecosystem of interconnected products for enhanced dentistry.

Dental Radiographs & PMS

Our AI-based Radiograph analysis models generate results on the concerned radiographs and gives the dentist a second voice of opinion. Also allows connecting with patients easily.

Patient's companion app

Our patients companion app, helps anyone achieve a better dental hygiene using AI-powered models while also allowing patients to connect with dentists on the go.

Oral Cancer Care

We have built Oral Cancer Screening models partenering with Cancer institutes that allows doctors determine the signs of cancer from just the images of patient's mouth.

World's First DentalGPT!
DAISY - Made In India.

Have natural conversation to get your Oral Issues solved

Patients can use DAISY to solve their dental health issues by having a normal and natural conversation with our AI. DAISY will solve all Dental based questions in minutes.

More personalized results than Google with multiple languages

DAISY understands natural language and interacts with a patient very comfortably to give them proper suggestions that are personalized to the patient's issues.

Data Privacy is ensured and DAISY is highly customizable.

The data of a patient stays safe and private. DAISY can also be customized to serve a dental organization's needs.

We call the entire ecosystem as!

Ideated By Doctors

Conceived by medical experts,, as an entire ecosystem, is a visionary leap in dental care.

Inspired By Patients

Inspired by the journeys and experiences of patients, is committed to addressing dental issues with empathy and precision.

Crafted By Engineers

Crafted by a team of skilled engineers, is the result of technical excellence and innovation. We've harnessed cutting-edge technology to create a seamless and user-friendly platform that empowers dental professionals and patients alike, ensuring efficient and effective solutions for all dental needs.


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