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India's first all-in-one Dental Care Ecosystem Powered With Artificial Intelligence

Optimize and streamline your enterprise and dental practices’ needs with AI-powered digital products for better patient engagement, increased treatment acceptance and higher ROI. 

Say Hello To The Future Of Dentistry

WHAT IS MUSKAN.AI ? is an ecosystem of AI-powered products, that leverages Artificial Intelligence in every step on a path for patients and dentists’ journey. 

Advanced AI for your Practice

Dentists can utilize our ecosystem to use AI for diagnosis, educate patients better on their treatment, generate more leads and optimize their current workflow.

Patient's Dental Care needs Solved with AI

Patients can take AI-based self-checkups for their teeth, schedule appointments, connect with dentists online and do much more.

Oral Cancer Care

NGOs and various agencies can leverage our AI based Oral Cancer Screening app to maximize their reach and improve patient well-being.

How do we leverage AI?

3 AI Ways To Tackle 3 Different Challenges in Oral Care


Oral Hygiene

Our suite of products helps anyone achieve a better dental hygiene and health using AI-powered models that detects issues and recommends proper personalized dental care tips.


Dental Radiographs

To assist dentists in assessment of dental radiographs, our AI-based Radiograph analysis models generate results on the concerned radiograph and gives the dentist a second voice of opinion.


Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is another effective use case that an AI model can understand after training on tons of images of mouths of cancer patients. We have built such a model that allows patients and doctors determine the signs of cancer from just the images of patient's mouth.

How else does AI help?

Artificial Intelligence In Dentistry

Detection Of Caries, Decay And Other Periodontal Issues

Diagnostic Confidence For Doctors And Having Compliance

Improved Patient Collaboration, Care And Treatment Acceptance

Insurance Claim Assurance Due To Additional Say By AI

Detection Of Oral Cancer Signs From Mouth Images can be used by: serves everyone from patients to dentists and doctors. 

1. Individuals

> AI-based Oral Hygiene Self-Checkups
> Schedule appointments
> Interact with DAISY - Interactive DentalGPT

2.Care Providers

> AI-powered Dental Radiography Assessment
> Practice Administration Features
> Online Appointment Scheduling for Patients
> Patient Data Tracking

3. Enterprises

> Provide Employees with Dental Hygiene Care
> Improve and Streamline CSR efforts

4. Governments & NGOs

> Oral Cancer Screening App powered with AI
> PMS feature for NGOs

We call the entire ecosystem as!

Ideated By Doctors

Conceived by medical experts,, as an entire ecosystem, is a visionary leap in dental care.

Inspired By Patients

Inspired by the journeys and experiences of patients, is committed to addressing dental issues with empathy and precision.

Crafted By Engineers

Crafted by a team of skilled engineers, is the result of technical excellence and innovation. We've harnessed cutting-edge technology to create a seamless and user-friendly platform that empowers dental professionals and patients alike, ensuring efficient and effective solutions for all dental needs.

patient at a dentist appointment
What Patients think?

Patients do prefer technology!

Patients are eager to improve their oral hygiene and express trust in both AI and dentists. Accessibility and affordability are key factors in encouraging a visit to the dentist. See what patients think below:

How many people said “Yes” when asked:

Will you have more trust & confidence if your diagnosis is done by a Dentist using AI, than by just any one of those?
Will you visit Dentists more frequently if Oral Hygiene is Affordable, Accessible and Accurate using AI?
Would you love to improve your Oral Health and Hygiene further, but cannot do so as you're too busy?
What Dentists think?

Dentists are also looking for more technology in their practice

How many Dentists said “Yes” when asked:

Do you agree that - Technology is an enabler for better diagnosis and treatment?
Do you think that it is important to conduct patient education & awareness during their diagnosis and treatment?
Could Al be a key differentiator for your practice based on the features that you know of?
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We're empowering everyone

from individuals to NGOs and huge enterprises

Our team’s core focus is to ensure that AI in dentistry remains effective for multiple users be it individuals or large corporations. We have also extended services to Insurance companies, Pharma and Government Organizations, allowing them to leverage our services in various ways.
 If you’re one of the above and want help in getting started with

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Our team’s core focus is to ensure that AI in dentistry remains effective for multiple users be it individuals, smaller dental clinics or large dental chains. 

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