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Muskan.ai provides Advanced AI Solutions for Dentists and Patients in India

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An ecosystem of products that brings the power of AI into your patient’s journey. 

AI for Pre-treatment Guidance

Patients can leverage Muskan.ai even before they reach your chair.

Radiography analysis using AI

Once on your chair, use Muskan.ai for education and treatment acceptance.

AI for Post-treatment care

Post the treatment, patient can stay connected with you with tele-dentistry and using AI.

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What is Muskan.AI ecosystem?

An ecosystem of products that integrates the power of AI into the world of dentistry. 

Advanced AI to start a patient's journey

With Muskan.ai's Patient Companion App and DAISY, a patient can use AI for better understanding of their dental health.

AI powered color-coding on Radiograph Reports

Patients can get a complete understanding of their dental radiographs with intuitive color coding and take-home reports.

AI For Post-Treatment Guidance and Care

Patients can ensure oral healthcare post-treatment using DAISY and tele-dentistry possible due to our ecosystem.

Will it work?

Artificial Intelligence In Dental Care

AI trained under dentist's supervision

Our experienced team of dentists have supervised AI training and provided it the understanding required to identify issues from radiographs and mouth images.

20,000+ images studied and analyzed already by our AI

The best AI requires the best data and we have trained our models on more than 20,000+ images already and it's still rising.

AI provides a second opinion from the same practice

AI helps patients understand the issue more in depth and makes them comfortable accepting the treatment suggested by you.

Your patient data remains private and safe

Images of your patients are not stored on our side and not used in retraining our models unless we get permission from you to do so anonymously.

Understand Digital Transformation in Dentistry with Stats

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How do we leverage AI?

Our Approach for effective patient care


Patient's Companion App

An app available for patients to get connected with their dentists, schedule appointments, take AI oral health scan, talk with dentists, interact with DAISY, etc.


Dentist's Assist App

Assists dentists in assessment of dental radiographs such as OPGs, using color coding, helping patients understand issues better. Also acts like a PMS system for the practice.



A ChatGPT styled LLM model designed just to cater dental patients with their everyday questions and doubts regarding their dental hygiene and care.

We're empowering every Dentist!

AI upgrade for your practice!

Get started with Artificial Intelligence with added features of a Patient management software.

Muskan.ai can be used by:

Muskan.ai serves everyone from patients to dentists and doctors. 

1. Individuals

> AI-based Oral Hygiene Self-Checkups
> Schedule appointments
> Interact with DAISY - Interactive DentalGPT

2.Care Providers

> AI-powered Dental Radiography Assessment
> Practice Administration Features
> Online Appointment Scheduling for Patients
> Patient Data Tracking

3. Enterprises

> Provide Employees with Dental Hygiene Care
> Improve and Streamline CSR efforts

4. Governments & NGOs

> Oral Cancer Screening App powered with AI
> PMS feature for NGOs

Spreading muskan across the country!

Made in India!
made for Bharat!

We’re proudly “Made in India” and our core focus stays in the Indian subcontinent. Our AI models have been uniquely tailored for the Indian diaspora, making it one of a kind in the world.

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What our survey says?

Patients do prefer technology!

Patients are eager to improve their oral hygiene and express trust in both AI and dentists. Accessibility and affordability are key factors in encouraging a visit to the dentist. 

85% of patients said they will have more trust & confidence if diagnosis is done by a Dentist using AI!

Better Efficiency with limited efforts.

Optimize your practice. Increase your turnover.

Build better relationship with your patients. Manage and optimize your operations.

Stay always in touch with patients

Follow back up with your patients and stay on top of their dental health.

Bring new patients to clinic

Make your practice discoverable to people using Patient Companion App.

What Dentists think?

Dentists are also looking for more technology in their practice

How many Dentists said “Yes” when asked:

Do you agree that - Technology is an enabler for better diagnosis and treatment?
Do you think that it is important to conduct patient education & awareness during their diagnosis and treatment?
Could Al be a key differentiator for your practice based on the features that you know of?
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"Fantastic product and holds potential to revolutionize dentistry!"
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Dr. Manoj John
Head Dentist
We're empowering everyone!

from individuals to NGOs and huge enterprises

Muskan.ai team is focused on impacting every strata of dentistry and oral health care. Our strides are towards finding solutions for various stakeholders that are involved in betterment of dentistry throughout India.

Join us in our journey and let’s together build a healthier society.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How will Muskan.ai bring a competitive edge for dental practitioners in a saturated market?

AI can help your dental practice by improving diagnostic accuracy, optimizing treatment planning, streamlining workflows, and enhancing the overall patient experience. Incorporating AI is essential to stay at the forefront of advancements, deliver superior care, and position your practice as a leader in the industry.

Is Muskan affordable?

Yes. Muskan.ai provides comprehensive pricing according to the needs of the clients. We offer 3 tiers including a Starter pack, Growth pack and an Accelerator pack. Contact us to know more about it.

How do I get return on my investments with Muskan?

Investing in Muskan, makes your patient journey much easier. From appointment to on-chair assistance to post-checkup assessments, everything is possible with Muskan.ai. Also, just understand that simple ability to make your patients more aware of their issues and more involved in their dental hygiene, is essential for dental practices and in the end for patient’s dental or overall health too. Hence, Muskan.ai does impact your ways for getting more ROI and revenue for your practice.

Is my patient data safe with AI technology?

Yes, patient data security is a top priority. Our AI platform is fully HIPAA compliant, ensuring the highest standards of data privacy and security. Robust encryption and access controls are implemented to safeguard patient information and maintain confidentiality.

How do I integrate AI into my existing dental practice?

Our system is an all-in-one system in itself. There’s no need to integrate an existing PMS or any other software. But, yes, we understand to remove the hassle it’s necessary to integrate existing systems. We have it in our future plans to allow easier integration from any other dental software.

Will incorporating AI replace the need for human dentists?

No, incorporating AI does not replace the need for human dentists. AI serves as a valuable tool to assist dentists in making accurate diagnoses, creating personalized treatment plans, and optimizing operations. Human expertise and professional judgment remain essential in delivering comprehensive dental care tailored to each patient’s needs.