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DAISY, the Dental Artificial Intelligence System for You, is not just a tool—it's your personal AI-powered dental assistant. Whether you have questions about gum health, braces, cavities, or oral hygiene routines, DAISY is here to provide accurate, evidence-based answers.

Revolutionising Dental Care with Dental GPT





A revolutionary tool designed to address all your dental concerns. Wondering how it works? Let's break it here!

Simply type in your dental concern or question.

Dive deep into the topic with DAISY's interactive responses. 

Receive clear, concise, and expert-validated advice. 

Your feedback shapes DAISY, making it better each day

D A I S Y’s



Harnessing the power of advanced AI algorithms, DAISY not only responds to your queries but also anticipates common concerns, offering a proactive approach to dental care. And with the upcoming feature of image processing, visual assessments will become more intuitive than ever. 

DAISY - An Interactive DentalGPT


Voices of Experience: Hear from Our Satisfied Clients

DAISY is a game-changer. I feel more informed and confident about my oral health decisions.

Amanda K General Dentist

Before DAISY, I was overwhelmed with information online. Now, I have a trusted source for all things dental.

Shams W.Pawel General dentist at Al Wafa Clinics

From dental hygiene tips to understanding procedures, DAISY has been my go-to. Highly recommend!

Fahad A Cosmetic Dentist

DAISY's continuous learning from feedback is commendable. It's gotten more insightful with every query I've made.

Celeste N Orthodontist


Here's a set of FAQs about DAISY

Is DAISY a replacement for my dentist?

No, DAISY is designed to supplement your dental care routine, providing information and answering questions. It's always recommended to see a dentist for clinical assessments and treatments.

How accurate is DAISY’s advice?

DAISY's responses are based on evidence and expert input. However, individual cases may vary, and a personal consultation with a dentist is always advised.

Is DAISY available 24/7?

DAISY's availability depends on its platform. If it's a digital tool or application, it might offer 24/7 accessibility. However, always check the user manual or website for specific operating hours.

Is my personal data safe with DAISY?

DAISY prioritizes user privacy and employs robust security measures. However, always refer to its privacy policy for detailed information about data handling and storage.

Can I use DAISY in different languages?

DAISY may support multiple languages, but you'll need to check its settings or user interface to select your preferred language.

Can I share my DAISY report with my dentist?

Yes, DAISY often provides a feature to generate and share reports, which can be forwarded to your dental professional for a more in-depth analysis.

DAISY - An Interactive DentalGPT
DAISY - An Interactive DentalGPT

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DAISY - An Interactive DentalGPT
DAISY - An Interactive DentalGPT